True Clip and Girt


  1. Anchor Clip

    • TC-1, TC-2. TC-3. TC-3.5. TC-4, TC-5, TC-6, TC-7, TC-8
  2. W Girt

    • WG-8

    Insulation Strut

    • IST-2, IST-4, IST-6

True Clip and Girt is a traditional clip and Girt system with full adjustability while eliminating insulation mounting pins utilizing Insulation Struts to save time and expense mounting the insulation with minimal weather barrier penetrations. True Clip and Girt has superior load capacity and excellent thermal transfer reduction.

The True Clip and Girt System can be used for 1″ foam insulation as well as any depth high or low-density rigid insulation. The insulation struts are attached outboard of the insulation which eliminates needless drilling and needless weather barrier penetrations. The True Clip and Girt can be used on all wall substrates, including stud walls and any type of solid wall.

General benefits:

  • A traditional style thermal clip and girt installation system utilizing a new style of insulation mounting pin (aka ‘ girt wire”), that does not penetrate the weather barrier.
  • Faster to install because of the integrated insulation mounting.
  • Insulation struts are structural, indirectly attached to the studs themselves.
  • Traditional Insulation mounting pins that penetrate the weather barrier are not required.
  • Can be used with any insulation and with most facade materials.


  1. Stitch Wire

    • SW-2, SW-4, SW-6

General benefits:

  • A new fast and easy way to hold smaller pieces of insulation to installed insulation that does not contact or penetrate the weather barrier.
  • Little or no thermal transfer to the substrate.
  • Considerable time savings and it does not require tools.

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